The eye examination is carried out by an ophthalmic optician or optometrist.

Initially, history and symptoms are recorded as well as general health, family history and any medication taken.

During the eye examination, numerous tests are performed – these may be subjective -where the patients’ response is required or objective – where the tests are performed without the patient needing to respond.  These tests include:

  • Refraction – a thorough test to find the optical prescription
  • Binocular vision analysis – to establish the eye muscles are properly coordinated
  • pupil reactions – to check for neurological anomalies
  • tonometry – to check the intra-ocular pressure of the eye
  • Ophthalmoscopy – to examine the health of the interior of the eye
  • Visual field examination – to test for Glaucoma and other eye conditions

Other additional eye examinations will be conducted when required such as:

  • Slit-lamp biomicroscopy to examine the anterior section of the eyes in very high magnification
  • Colour vision testing
  • Stereoscopic acuity testing/3D testing
  • Optomap ultra wide retinal imaging
  • OCT – a 3D scan of the macula or optic disc
  • Intuitive Colorimetry
The Village Opticians Eye Test Machines