As well as offering various optical services we also offer a hearing clinic. We work alongside Bernard Paice from Better Hearing Clinic to offer you a comprehensive service. Bernard is a fully qualified Hearing Aid Audiologist and has 9 years audiology experience so you know that you are in good hands.


Bernard offers different services all to help your hearing. These include;

  • Hearing Evaluations
    • Comprehensive diagnostic audiological evaluations and hearing tests for adults
    • Video otoscopy for detailed viewing of your ear canal
    • Computerised hearing aid analysis
  • Hearing Aids
    • Full line of hearing aids, specialising in digital hearing aid technology
    • Assistive listening devices
    • Follow-up fine-tuning visit to ensure maximum benefits
  • Hearing Accessories
    • Premium batteries
    • Custom earmoulds for hearing aids, iPods and MP3s
    • Water protection earplugs
    • Noise protection for music and sports
  • Additional Services
    • Hearing aid repair services for all makes
    • Hearing aid cleaning services
    • Routine maintenance and cleaning
    • Seminars for groups and organisations, including support groups

For more details, you can either visit Bernards website at or alternatively you can ring him on 07790 110 848

Bernard Paice - Better Hearing Clinic